Sun, Aug 14


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Sunday Spiritual Service

Inspiration, Mediumship, Healing, Music and Love!

 Sunday Spiritual Service

Time & Location

Aug 14, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

Online Event

About the Event

This upcoming service will include an Inspirational Speaker, messages from our loved ones in Spirit through our Spiritual Medium, and a group healing from our Spiritual Healers.


Everyone is welcome! - Registration is complimentary or you may select an optional donation. For the Love of Spirit will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. Thank you for your support!

Important details: Please pre-register for this event in advance so you receive the zoom link in time. (Last minute or late sign ups may result in a delay in receiving the zoom link, and we hope for you to enjoy the entire Service.) All guests need to be pre-registered,  please do not share the Zoom link. The Zoom link will be provided the day of the Service in your reminder email. We ask that cameras be turned on during the Service. Please check your spam or other folders if you do not see your confirmation and reminder emails in your inbox. Many thanks!

Starts promptly at:

10:00 AM - 11:30 PM  PDT*

1:00  PM  -  2:30  PM EDT

6:00 PM  -  7:30  PM GMT

5:00 AM - 6:30 AM AEST(Monday)

*Do to the nature of spirit communication, the service may run over a few minutes.

Host: Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose serves as a Spiritual Evidential Medium, Trance Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, public speaker, spiritual teacher, ordained minister, and humanitarian. She loves working with the spirit world and sharing their message that life is eternal. The love, hope, and healing that is given and received is truly a gift and she feels honored to be doing this sacred work.  Her spiritual teaching specializes in spiritual awakening and transformation, empathic empowerment/energetic awareness, intuition and mediumistic development. She works one-on-one with clients and offers private mentorship and group instruction.



Guest Speaker: Dorice Larkin 

​Dorice Larkin is a Spiritual Evidential Medium, Trance Healer, ordained minister, Reiki Master, crystal grid healer, earth magic practitioner, as well as art teacher, fabric artist, and all around student of life.  

Having studied with a wide variety of Spiritual teachers, Dorice is on a personal quest to live her life as an example of meditation, finding the love, peace, joy, and gratitude in every situation, and with every breath. 


Spiritual Medium: Alice Trevorrow

Alice Trevorrow serves as Scotland’s Spiritual Evidential Medium where she dedicates her love & time as a medium and coach. Alice is Founder & Manager of her own spiritual centre in Scotland called Sparkle of Light on the banks off Loch Lomond. The centre has many charity evenings online and offline and contributes to many charities throughout the year. Many mediums attend from all over the country, and also attend Alice’s Teaching School for Mediumship Development where Alice is coach.

From the age of 16yrs Alice did many training over the years some in Glasgow and later in North Yorkshire. Further on in life many years later alice attended many years Residential Training at Arthur Findlay College Stansted London.

This was a profound experience, with excellent Tutors, and is still held dearly close to her heart today. This was followed by various years of Mentorship Training with Paul Jacobs CSNU, Andy Byng CSNU, Chris Drew CSNU, Phil Dykes CSNU, and Life Coach & Spiritual Medium Kerry Mcleod, all excellent tutors and ambassador’s for spirit world.

Alice feels blessed and extremely grateful to be a worker for spirit world, after being Medically retired as a RGN Alice felt her world was falling apart, & wasn’t sure what direction in life she was going to take now, but spirit had other plans. Alice did work part time serving many churches & centres, during her time as a staff nurse, but now spirit were about to open a beautiful new chapter in her life. The day after her official retirement spirit told alice, it is now time to help others in a different way, you are going to be ok.

This beautiful new door was graciously opened and has greatly expanded over the years with alice travelling to many places far and wide with Mediumship Demonstrations at churches and centres in England, Dublin, Southern and Northern Ireland. In addition, California and San Francisco via zoom where she has met lovely people through this spiritual global connection who will be friends for life. Later this year Alice shall be demonstrating in London and Brighton East Sussex and feels very grateful.

The caring empathic side to Alice still continues with love and healing, but in a different way, helping the mind and body through pain and suffering of bereavement, and being the voice for spirit. Life is eternal, there is no death.

Alice is passionate in her spiritual work and coaching online, and offline she loves to support and help her students to progress forward in their own mediumship journey and believe In themselves. Regardless of what stage in your mediumship development you may believe you are at, alice says it is a never ending journey of learning, myself included. We should never look down on others but should always be ready to help encourage and lift people up. Alice’s teachings are guided from spirit world with truth to her, & delivered with love and passion to each living soul who want to listen and learn from the teachings of the Divine Spirit. Alice believes we are all on our own spiritual path. Her words are: Be patient. Trust. All will unfold at the right time. We all came from spirit and will one day return to spirit world, are all living a physical life together. Let us all pull together, help one another,  and spread love and kindness to our physical world, our earthly school of learning. Love and Blessings to you all.


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Spiritual Healers: Dorice Larkin, Fran Pearce, Melinda Ollangg, and Mj Clark

This group of dedicated healing mediums work directly with Spirit to channel love and healing.

Melinda Ollangg


Mj Clark


Dorice Larkin


Fran Pearce 


*Mediums are able to connect with your loved ones in spirit to bring forth messages of hope and healing. Evidential mediumship is focused on bringing forth information that you can validate from your loved ones.

Disclaimer: This is a group demonstration of mediumship. It is not the same as a private reading. Not everyone is guaranteed a message, however everyone will witness that life and love are eternal from the messages that are delivered.

Disclaimer: All events, classes, and services are for informational and entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or any other professional advice or treatment. Registering for this event means you have read, understand and accept this.

Disclaimer: A portion or all of this event will be recorded. Readings, names, and faces of guests are not made public. 





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    For the Love of Spirit will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. Thank you for your support!