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December 05, 2020 Service

Sprit service  11-21-20 EV service Post

This upcoming service will include an inspirational speaker, spiritual message from your host, messages from our loved ones in spirit through our spiritual mediums, group healing/meditation, and live music. Please pre-register for this event. The zoom link and password will be emailed to you after registering.

Registration fee for the service is $5-$15, give as  you are able. This is your donation which helps to cover costs of the organizer, support charitable causes, and is needed to maintain security of the zoom meeting. There will be a waiting room to enter the service and your name needs to match your registration to ensure the service remains secure. Many thanks!

Starts promptly at 6:00 pm, please join zoom link a few minutes early.

Host/Spirit Messenger/Healer: Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose is the creator, organizer, and host of Saturday Night Spiritual Service, and will also serve to deliver a short inspired spiritual message for the group at each service. She serves both the spirit world and our physical world as an evidential psychic medium, spiritual healer, speaker, and spiritual teacher. She loves working with the spirit world and sharing their message that life is eternal. The love, hope, and healing that is given and received is truly a gift and she feels honored to be doing this sacred work.  Her spiritual teaching specializes in spiritual awakening, empathic empowerment, intuition and mediumistic development. She works one-on-one with clients as well as group instruction.



Speaker: Colleen Irwin "Creating a Kinder Holiday Season" 

There has never been a better time in out lives to focus on kindness. With the holidays coming upon us, it is time to take stock and find ways to be kind to ourselves and others. 


Colleen Irwin:

Rev. Colleen Irwin is a natural born Medium.  She remembers talking to "imaginary friends" and sensing things beyond what you could see as a young child.  Discovering how to share this knowledge with others has been an adventure that she captured in her book "Discovering Your Stream".

In 2015 she had a major career shift to service Spirit full-time after a successful Real Estate and consulting career, leaving completely in 2017. 

Colleen is a volunteer Docent sharing the experiences of Susan B. Anthony to visitors of the Susan B. Anthony Museum.

Colleen enjoys volunteering time at Lily Dale and local area churches.  In addition to her speaking engagements, teaching classes, writing, and participating in selected events, she is serving her fellow mediums to enhance their businesses.



Spiritual Mediums: Jennifer Rose and Lynn Yvonne

Lynn Yvonne:

Lynn Yvonne  is an Orange County based psychic medium who has worked with many gifted teachers including James van Praagh, Chris Drew, Gordon Smith and Eileen Davies, and Michael Mayo.

When she connected her first client with a lost loved one, the look on their face gave her goosebumps. It often still does!  In every reading, that moment of recognition from her client is priceless. As she brings their loved one forward, adding depth and detail to the picture, it resonates with her own soul. This work is a sacred mission. Spirit honors her by working with her, giving her the opportunity to reach in and touch people on the most intimate of levels. She takes this very seriously. It’s private, personal and has the ability the change people’s lives. She is eternally grateful to be a part of it all.

Musician/Singer: Elliot Martinez and Gretchen Almond

Elliot Martinez  is a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist with music in his DNA. He shares his original compositions as well as popular covers in a smooth tenor accompanied by soft acoustic guitar.He comes from a family of many musicians.He inherited his mother's love for singing as well as her strong faith in the Divine Spirit. Elliot released his first CD of original songs in 2017. He is currently working on writing for a second recording project. Originally from New England, Elliot now cals Southern California home.

Gretchen Almond:

Gretchen Almond is a well-seasoned "triple threat" veteran of musical theater; starring as "Evita" and "Mary" in "Jesus Christ Superstar, to name only a few.  


Gretchen has entertained in cabarets, comedies, Shakespeare and opened for Joan Rivers for her night club act, "Nuts!" on Sunset Strip.


For 18 years Gretchen has been the serenading, spiritual soloist at the Center of Spiritual Living O. C. in Mission Viejo.  She is grateful to be a Melodious Storyteller, touching hearts and moving minds.

*Mediums are able to connect with your loved ones in spirit to bring forth messages of hope and healing. Evidential mediumship is focused on bringing forth information that you can validate from your loved ones.

*This is a group demonstration of mediumship. It is not the same as a private reading. Not everyone is guaranteed a message, however everyone will witness the truth of eternal life that is brought forth from the messages that are delivered.

Disclaimer: All events, classes, and services are for informational and entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical, psychological,financial, or any other professional advice or treatment. Registering for this event means you have read and understand this.

Opportunities are available to be of service as a guest speaker, evidential medium, and musician. Please contact me directly.

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