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Trance Healing or Spiritual Healing is a form of mediumship. During a healing session, I move into a passive meditative state and work directly with my healing Spirit Guides to facilitate healing. Healing is given at the direction or will of the higher self of the individual receiving the healing.  Trance healing can help restore balance and harmony on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. When working with you, we are in partnership with Spirit. This includes your own soul/higher self, your guides and angels, and my healing guides. Whatever is received is perfect for you during the session for your highest and greatest benefit as Spirit has the greatest understanding of what is needed for the individual.  Healing sessions can be done in person or at a distance. Distance sessions work equally as well as Spiritual Trance Healing is not constrained by space and time.

*Trance Healing is a complementary therapy and not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. I do not diagnose medical conditions and there is no guarantee of results. 

*Currently I am offering distance healing sessions only.

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